Jul 27, 2012

DIY Beauty Fridays: The Sunburn Cure

Last Friday I discussed sunscreen and the importance of wearing it.  Today's post, however, is what to do when your skin is lobster pink from not wearing any.

We're all familiar with Aloe and how it's supposed to cool your burned skin and prevent the burn from becoming a peeling mess.  I don't know about your feelings on this product but as soothing as aloe can be when first applied, it becomes a big ol' sticky mess very soon after.  Not only that but my clothes stick to the aloe making for a very painful peel.  (aka ripping a band-aid off a tender spot.)  Either way, the aloe experience is not always a pleasant one. 

Which is why you should switch to black tea.

Photo courtesy of bodywonders.com
Treating a Sunburn With Black Tea 

8 black tea bags (any kind will do)
5 cups hot water 
Big bowl 

I tried this two different ways: One, with hot water and two, with cold water.  Though it's easier to use cold water as it eliminates the cooling period, the tea takes way longer to steep.  Steep the tea bags in 5 cups of lukewarm-hot water (in the bowl) for about 7 minutes.  (The darker the tea the better.)  Once steeped, place the bowl in the fridge to let cool.  Once cool, soak a rag in the tea and spread on burned skin.  Continue to do this until all tea is gone.

This is one of the best, cheapest and easiest treatments around and it actually works.  Will it prevent you from peeling?  NO, but that's what you get for not wearing sunscreen.  (Ha, sorry, I'm such an advocate for sunscreen.)  Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

Happy Friday!

Jul 20, 2012

DIY Beauty Fridays: Easy Homemade Sunscreen

The view from outside my office window....boo!
Summer is finally here! Of course, you wouldn't know it in Vancouver today as it's completely gloomy, dark and raining. Aside from today though, this week has been gorgeous and hot!

What comes alongside hot weather you ask? Sweatiness, sunstroke and sunburns, of course. The latter being my best friend during the summer months. I am not one of those people that tan, at all. I would have to get a sunburn just to gain a little summer glow. But with all the worries of the thinning ozone layer and the burns becoming more severe, getting a little pink tint isn't even an option anymore. Sunscreen should, and will, be your best friend. So, why not learn to make your own?

Photo courtesy of www.amazon.com
  Easy Homemade Sunscreen 

 One bottle of your favorite lotion/body moisturizer (that doesn't contain citrus oil!!)
2 TBSP zinc oxide 

That's it!  I could, of course, go into great detail about creating a sunscreen with coconut oil, beeswax, etc but this one is quick, easy and very inexpensive!!  Mix ingredients together and slather on your body.  (Quick Tip: the more zinc oxide added means the higher the SPF but beware, zinc oxide does not blend into your skin so you don't want to use too much.  The 2 TBSP of zinc will give you a natural  SPF of about 20.)

Sunscreen products are very expensive these days and being able to create your own makes all the difference.  (Especially when you're in the final month and three weeks of wedding planning.)  Try this out ladies and let me know your thoughts.

Happy Tanning!


Jul 18, 2012

Choosing the Best Wedding Hair!

You will never believe this but there's under two months until the big day! I am getting so excited and soooo ready to be done with wedding planning.  I just want it to be here already!

On a different note, I realize it's time to make a decision regarding how I want my hair to be styled for the big event.  Down or up?  Straight or curly?  Braided or wavy?  There are so many decisions...

Here are some fabulous styles I've been considering:

The Messy Braid

Photo unknown.  Was sent to me without a link

There is something so sassy and relaxed about a messy french braid.  I love the way this looks on this girl and LOVE the ethereal feel of the style.  However, my hair is definitely not as long as hers and I am not too sure if I want to wear my hair up to begin with.

Beachy, Wedding Waves

Photo courtesy of formalhairmakeup.tumblr.com
Sigh, this is the look I envisioned when I thought about getting married.  Downfall - my hair is going to be a different length (though I am using clip-in extensions) and I want to keep my blunt bangs.  PLUS, since I'm wearing a birdcage on my head, I'm not too sure if this will work.

Half-Up Half Down

Photo courtesy of hairstyles-for-girls-india.tophairstyle.no-ip.org
This is the style I'm considering the most.  Because I'll be wearing clip-in extensions, I think this could be the easiest look to wear them in.  Also, it has an easy-breezy feel to the style.  It's not too perfectly coiffed but still stylish.  Hmmmm...

The Messy Up-Do

Photo courtesy of howquicklydoeshairgrow.com
This is more of a classic, almost vintage-y, feel and I must say I love it.  Still not too sure about wearing my hair up for the big day BUT love it all the same.

What are your thoughts ladies?  How did you wear your hair for your big day?


Jul 17, 2012

NOTD: It's A Coral Glitter-Fest!

I have a secret to tell you all. I'm having an affair....with glitter!

I don't quite know when this affair began but all of a sudden I've began buying glitter nail polish like they're going out of style. Pinks, turquoise, yellow, multi-color...it doesn't matter the color because I love them all. 

The only issue I have with glitter is the amount of time it takes to remove from your nails. Aside from that, a coat of glitter turns even the worst polish job into something fabulous.

On my nails I applied one coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails XtremeWear Nail Color in Coral Reef (#405) and then one coat of Essie Multi Dimension Top Coat in A Cut Above. I love the chunkiness of the glitter pieces and of the light coral poking out through it.

Sigh, I adore glitter.


Jul 16, 2012

Review: c. Booth Green Apple Micro Dermabrasion Scrub

I have been buying up a storm lately.  What's good about this are the amount of haul posts I have for you coming up BUT the bad news is that my pocketbook hates me.

 However, this last purchase only cost $6.99 so I don't feel too badly about it.

On Saturday I went shopping with a girlfriend and we ended up at Winners.  (Not typically a place I usually buy skin care/cosmetics but it was a really good deal.) I found the c. Booth Green Apple Micro Dermabrasion Scrub hiding behind some awful Paris Hilton Fragrance.  I snatched it up instantly because I'm very familiar with the brand and ran out of my favorite scrub last week.

I cleansed my face and, while it was still wet, I applied a nickel-sized amount to my face.  I was instantly blown away but the lovely intoxicating smell of apples.  The other thing I noticed was how gritty the scrub is. Since this product is classified as a "microdermabrasion" treatment - or a resurfacing scrub - the grittiness is designed to remove dead skin cells, brighten skin tone, refine fine lines and even out the complexion and I have to say that it actually does a fantastic job.

Price was phenomenal 
A little bit of scrub goes a long way
Lovely smell
Scrub actually does what it says 
My skin was extremely smooth and silky after the treatment
Assists in fading any and all scarring
Grittiness of scrub may irritate sensitive skin

All in all, for a Winners scrub, I think it was a fantastic deal.  I would definitely buy it again should I stumble on it.  However, for those with fair or sensitive skin, the actual size of the granules may irritate you skin.  Having said that, my skin looks bright, clear and is oh-so soft!

Have any of you ladies tried this product before?


Jul 11, 2012

Spray Tan Experience: The VersaSpa

Two days before the bachelorette party, I decided I was done with being pale and booked my first EVER spray tan.

After some careful research, (unlike I did with my burning experience) I selected Sunscape Tanning in Port Coquitlam.  Not only are they just down the street BUT their sunless tanning machine is VersaSpa.  I'd heard many great things from friends regarding this brand, so I gave it whirl.

Photo courtesy of www.tandallas.net
For those that aren't too familiar with VersaSpa, it's an automated, enclosed machine that you stand in while the machine sprays your body for you.  The only thing you need to worry about is perfecting 4 different stances/poses and ensuring your eyes are kept closed.  I really liked the VersaSpa machine because you're not fully enclosed; the sides are open so no need to worry about feeling claustrophobic!!

Sunscape Tanning was awesome!  The two girls there helped me out immensely and were such fun.  (They laughed at my sarcastic jokes, so that was a plus.)  The salon was immaculately kept and the smell...sigh..was glorious. It smelled of coconut, suntan oil and cocoa butter.  Heaven.

After the gal showed me to my room AND explained the machine, I was off to the races.  I slathered my feet and hands with cream - which prevents your feet and hands from turning orange - and jumped into the unit.  The automated voice told me what to do and where to go and after 60 seconds, I was done.  I jumped out, patted myself dry and left.

The next day, I was actually tanned.  For me, this is a really big deal because I never tan.  However, I did notice that my hands, feet and fingers were orange which means I didn't slather myself with enough cream.  Later on in the day, I did notice other patchy areas on my legs but all in all, for a $32 tan, I was pretty impressed.

Notes to remember: Use a lot of the provided cream on feet, hands and fingers and ask employees about splotchy areas.

All in all, it was a really pleasant experience and I couldn't get over how tanned I was AND how long it lasted.  (About 8 days.)  However, this tan will not be my first pick for a wedding glow.  I'm thinking I need something much more precise.

Have any of you ladies tried the VersaSpa?  What are your thoughts?


Jul 6, 2012

DIY Beauty Fridays: Homemade Massage Oil

Photo courtesy of suite101.com
The stagette wedding was an absolute success AND such a great time. I am so fortunate to have the greatest group of friends, ever. The only problem is that I came home more tired than I was when I left. (I guess too much partying will do that to you.)

In other words, I need a massage, desperately and I thought today's DIY post should encompass this need.

Massage oils can be very pricey, especially if you are picky about scent and oil types.  I find that making it yourself is not only a great way to save money BUT you're able to let your imagination run wild.

Photo courtesy of lalaessentialoils.com
  Homemade Massage Oil - Base

1/2 cup vegetable oil 
1/2 almond oil
Essential oils - you pick (my favorite is lavender oil)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and microwave for about 30 seconds.  Remove from microwave and ensure the oil isn't too hot.  Use oil while it's still warm.

Why this works:?  Almond oil is a fabulous, more natural, moisturizer and is the base of a lot of more natural skin care lines.  Adding in your own essential oils is a great way to be creative but also allows you to change the scent of the oil as often as you'd like.

Allan doesn't know it yet but I am SO whipping up a batch of this for tonight.  YAY for massages.

Try this out, ladies, and happy massaging!


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