Jul 8, 2013

My Road to BB Cream

Check out my glowing skin?  Yes, I am sitting at my desk at work

I've heard the term "BB Cream" for a couple of years now.

I've heard it mentioned in magazines, books and even seen it featured on commercials yet I never gave it a passing thought because, until recently, I've always been a foundation/concealer/powder kind-of girl.  Yes, these three products have always been an integral part of my morning makeup routine.  In fact, these three products together create the "Christina" my family and friends have come to know and love.  However, a few months ago, something changed.

Two months ago I decided to start wearing less makeup.  And since wearing less makeup, my skin looks fantastic.  Since my skin looks fantastic, I go without makeup sometimes.  (It's been an amazing circle of events, actually.)  I decided to start wearing less makeup because I knew I wouldn't be able to carry my normal makeup routine while backpacking nor wear it in 42 degree temperatures without my face melting off.  So, the hunt for an all-in-one product overtook my life.

After searching high and low for a few weeks, listening to friend's reviews, and reading other blog posts, I discovered two of my "can't-live-without" products AND am finally able to go without foundation, concealer and powder.  My two favorite BB Creams are Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew BB Cream and Marcelle BB Cream Anti-Aging SPF 20.

Why two you ask?  I bought both with the intention of wearing them separately.  However, since I am so pastey pale, I began blending the two together (as one was a bit dark for me) and love the way they both feel on my skin.  I get the sunscreen and anti-aging properties of the Marcelle BB Cream and the texture and glow of the Garnier brand.  (I do, still use a bit of concealer should I have a blemish BUT no more powder for this gal!) 

Sometimes, you just want to post a picture that makes you feel good!
After what seems like such a long road, I finally understand the "less-is-more" phrase.  Not only is my skin in better condition than it ever has before but I am beginning to see makeup in a whole different light.  Plus, my back will definitely be thanking me in the months to come.  (No heavy backpack for this gal...) 

It's safe to say that I will never be a 3 product girl again!

What is your favorite BB Cream ladies?  What made you try a BB Cream out?


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