Oct 25, 2010

My AVON Experience

I was 12 when I bought my first AVON lip color.

I was vacationing with my sister and grandparents in a beautiful place called Camano Island in Washington. The Island planned a huge flea market one weekend of every summer and, like always, the four of us attended. As we're wandering through, I stopped at a booth covered in lipsticks. I bought a bronze lip color that was shaped like a pencil, and wore it all summer long. That was my first AVON encounter and my last, as I never bought an AVON product since.

Until last week....

I've been hearing about how great their products are for weeks from a friend of mine who had just ordered some moisturizers for next to nothing. So, she gave me a whole stack of magazines to go through and I spent about two days perusing AND making a list of items I wanted. AVON, at least to me, has always had a stigma....you know, like an"old lady cosmetic line". Since receiving, and using, my new products, this stigma has completely disappeared. Here are a few things I purchased:
MARK Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes. This palette was designed to give your skin a natural glow and luminosity. Seriously, it's fabulous. There are 9 different colors in the compact that you can either swirl together and apply all over, or individually as highlighters or shadows. It's easy to use AND, most important, not messy since it's a cream to powder formula.
MARK On The Dot Eye Color Compact. This palette combines 9 different colors, all metallic might I add, eye shadows. I haven't used all the colors but the compact itself is small, fits in a purse and was worth the $15.
MARK Just Pinched Instant Blush Tint in Sunny. It still amazes me that I've never used a blush stick before now. Sunny, the color, is a nice red-brown that works well with red lips. It goes on creamy and blends easily to give a sheer color. It was only $7 by the way.
AVON Nail Experts Lemon Fortifier. Never again will I subject my nails to a hardener other than this one. It gives your nail a nice shine AND brightens them at the same time. Plus, the hardener actually lasts for days on the nail without peeling. I love it and it was only $4.99
AVON Smooth Minerals Foundation in Soft Ivory. Alright, so I haven't tried this product yet BUT if the color is good for Reese Witherspoon (who is the face of this product) than the color will be perfect for me too. I'll keep you posted.

What about you? Have you tried AVON before? Let me know your thoughts...

Oct 20, 2010

Noxzema Girls Really DO Get Noticed!

Lately, my skin's been rebelling.

I mean, seriously rebelling with a capital R....There have been some extra pimples in odd spots (around my forehead and ears???) and even inflammed blackheads (on my chin) which never normally happen to me. As much as I want to blame it on the weather, I know it's because I've been trying so many different skin care products.

I was in Shoppers Drug Mart about two weeks ago buying stamps and walked down the skin care aisle on my way to the post office. I stopped in front of the Noxzema section and stared at the products for a while. Now, I'll be honest, I've never tried this product line before though I've read many rave reviews about their creams. I picked up The Original Deep Cleansing Cream and, of course, bought it.

When I got home, I washed my face immediately. I rinsed my face and applied the cream right away, prior to patting dry. (It smells like Vicks VapoRub by the way.) Instantly, my skin started to tingle in an odd clean sort of way. I rubbed my fingers around in circles on my skin for about 5 minutes and then went to rinse off. Once clean, my skin glowed and felt even softer than it ever had before.

I've been using it every night for the past two weeks and not only have all my blemish issues disappeared BUT the scaring and redness is actually going away. I've actually found my new cleanser and will never be using anything else.

It definitely pays to go back to basics!!!

Oct 19, 2010

Lovin' the Bronze

I am completely mad for bronze eyeshadow.

Seriously, every store I go to I instantly beeline for the shadows and grab anything bronze. I think I'm into bronze for a few different reasons: First, I love the smoky eye look but had to find a different color other than black SINCE you can't wear dark colors to the office and still look professional. (It's really not appropriate.) Second, you can wear all your beautiful pink glosses and lipsticks with bronze lids. Last but not least, you don't look too overdone. (For some reason, Allan LOVES it when I wear little or no makeup so wearing bronze on my lids is like my compromise.)

Being the connoisseur of bronze that I am, here's a great list of shadows:
1) LORAC Starry-Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio in Superstar. This is the expensive one of the bunch ($33 CAN) but, man, is it worth it!! Three different colors that can be blended together to make the perfect bronze shade. They are extremely highly-pigmented and long-lasting on your lid. This is, quite possibly, one of the prettiest trios I have ever purchased.
2) Urban Decay Stardust Eye Shadow in Diamond Dog. This is a nice brown glittery color that goes on silky smooth but actually stays on the lid. I find with a lot of glitter shadows the sparkley bits fall onto your face during application but this product doesn't do that. Not too shabby for a medium priced shadow ($22 CAN)
3) Wet 'N' Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow in Nutty. This is, by far, my favorite of the three bronze shadows. Why you ask??? Could it be the fact that it only cost $1.99? Maybe. Or could it be that once applied it stays on all day? Fact is the shadow is highly-pigmented, has a very smooth texture and the color is absolutely perfect with my skin tone. I picked up three more of this color whenever I see it, just so I'll never run out.
4) COVERGIRL Eye Enhancers in Bedazzled Biscotti. This color is great for a base. Apply to lids, all the way up to eyebrow bone, prior to adding your favorite bronze shade. The color is similar to a light latte and has a subtle sparkle. ($4.99 CAN)

All in all, try out the bronze shadows and give your eyes a different look. Plus, this color really is a nice alternative to black.

Oct 18, 2010

Blackheads??? Email Q & A

Woohoo....my very first email question! Thanks Stephanie for sending this my way!!!

Hey Christina
I've been reading your blog for a bit now and am really liking it. Question, though, about blackheads.  Can you actually prevent blackheads and do products like Biore Pore Strips really work?

-Stephanie M., Vancouver

Hey Stephanie!!
This is a really really really good question because a lot of people suffer from blackheads. For those that don't have them (you lucky people you) blackheads are a form of non-inflammatory acne and are formed when your pores get clogged. (A lot of dermatologists say that blackheads are the first stage of acne, forming before bacteria invades the pores, which in turn results in infection and inflammation...AKA a pimple.) Blackheads occur when your skin produces an abundance of oil and that oil gets clogged in your pores. When the oil is oxidized, it turns black in color.
Blackhead prevention is similar to that of pimple/blemish prevention. Drink lots of water, clean your skin every night prior to bed, try to wear less make-up, don't scrub your face too often and don't use products with excess oil. Let's say, though, that you do all of these things and you're still getting blackheads. This is when you have to take different, more drastic, measures like extraction or pore strips.
Pore strips are nice because they are inexpensive and don't cause too much discomfort. Biore's brand is a really great deal, easy to find and fairly easy to use. Problem is they will not work on everyone. Some people's blackheads are far deeper in the pore than others SO the strips may pull out some but not all. Extractions (physically removing the blackhead yourself) are the only way to remove the blackhead if it is deep down in the pore.
Extractions are pretty painful (I'm not going to lie) since you have to get the gunk out of a small pore. BUT once it's done, you have a clean pore again. If you are going to do an extraction follow these tips...
1. Steam, ladies, steam. I can't stress this enough. Take a steam-filled shower, hold your head over a bowl of hot water, or lay a towel over your face for 10 minutes. It'e extremely important to open the pore and loosen the blackhead before poking at it.
2. Choose the method that's best for you and your skin. Whether it's rubbing a towel on your face to remove them, using an orange stick or a flat blackhead remover tool, or taking two cotton balls (one for each finger) and press the skin GENTLY around the blackhead, choose the one that's going to cause the least amount of discomfort.
After you're finished extracting, leave the skin alone. Rinse in cool water to close the pore and wait before applying anything else to the skin as you don't want to re-clog the pores. Here is a great article for home-made blackhead remedies... http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Blackheads-(Various-Methods)

**NOTE: I used to get extractions done with my facials though a lot of places no longer offer this service anymore. If this is something of interest to you, I'd recommend finding a spa that offers this method and have them do it. Because I'm so fair, my skin becomes red and scars very easily so I found it best for me to have a professional perform the extractions.

What have you all tried? Anything that has worked exceptionally well?

Oct 16, 2010

Definitely Diggin Rimmel's Mascara

It's official. I'm completely biased.

The fact that Rimmel London has signed on Zooey Deschanel as their "new face" is making me want to purchase Rimmel a bit more frequently. She is literally my female actress crush! Oh, and plus she's married to the lead singer of one of my all-time favorite bands SO you can see why this bias thing is occurring.

On one of my shopping endeavors, about a month ago, I picked up Rimmel London's NEW Lash Accelerator Mascara but never thought to try it until after I'd completed the RapidLash. Reason being was this mascara is also designed to stimulate and promote natural lash growth. The product's advertisements say that "overtime, the unique Grow-Lash Complex
strengthens, nourishes and renews lashes to promote natural lash growth for up to 117% longer looking lashes after 30 days".

I have been using the product for about a week now and am genuinely impressed. Not because my lashes are so long they touch my forehead BUT because the mascara is quite good. It goes on smooth, dark and definitely does extend lashes to make the appear full and long. My one comment is you have to "double-dip". (I despise a mascara wand that doesn't fully coat one eye. You have to dip the wand in to coat the upper lashes and then dip again to coat the bottom.....yes, I'm EXTREMELY nit-picky.)

Because it's only been a week, I'm not noticing a change, whatsoever, to my lash length. Now, having said this, I just completed the RapidLash Serum and because of this I honestly think another lash growth product won't work for me at this time. I still love the product though because for under $10 you can have a product that actually works.

NOTE: If someone has tried it for the full month, I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

Oct 15, 2010

It's Pounding....

I have to apologize for not posting anything in the past couple days. I have had a killer headache that's lasted just over three days now. I've tried advil, tylenol and essential oils, yet none of these seem to be working.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I haven't forgotten about you all AND I am currently concocting some great posts for when I can actually stare at a computer and not go blind.....

OH....if anyone has a brilliant remedy, please, oh please share.....


Oct 13, 2010

Foundations: Wet 'N' Wild Style

I love and live in loose powder but it wasn't always this way.

I still remember the day I first tried a mineral loose powder. It was just over three years ago and I was being coaxed into it by a co-worker. (At that time, we were both Youngblood reps and she swore by the loose foundation and I ONLY wore liquid.) I finally caved, giving her permission to match my skin tone, and once done, I took my new foundation home with me. (It was, of course, the lightest shade shall I add.) I woke up the next morning, applied a tiny amount of concealer and went to town with my kabuki brush and powder. After about two minutes, not only was I finished applying but it looked like I was wearing nothing!!! I fell in love immediately and from that day on, I was a convert. Hallelujah!!!!

As much as I love Youngblood, I'm always on the hunt for a less expensive powder. Now, mind you, it could be worse. I only pay about $25 - $30 (wholesale) and the powder lasts me about two months. The only issue is that I have to order it, since I don't want to pay retail price, which means I incur shipping costs every time.

Having said that, while out on one of my many shopping trips, I picked up three new Wet 'N' Wild foundations: Ultimate Match SPF 15 Foundation, Natural Blend Mineral Foundation Mineral Veil and Intuitive Blend Shade Adjusting Foundation + Primer.
The Ultimate Match Foundation was phenomenal. Though I'm a loose foundation fiend, I was almost willing to go back to liquid foundation for this bad boy. Seriously, went on extremely smooth, left my skin silky and matched my skin tone perfectly. Oh, and it was only $4.99
The Natural Blend Mineral Foundation (loose powder) did not do me justice. First of all, I got the lightest color and it was still too dark. Secondly, the powder offers minimal coverage at best so should you have some blemishes you want to cover, this is not the powder for you. On a positive note though it's definitely purse size, comes with it's own kabuki brush AND would be excellent for the beach (or when you want to wear less.) Priced at about $4.79
The Intuitive Blend Shade Adjusting Foundation is my least favorite. I was immediately turned off by the smell; it has an odd sweet, almost mildewy, odour. This product comes out in a white cream, with miniscule round beads, and once rubbed in, it actually matches your skin perfectly. My major issue with this was the oilyness. Once rubbed in, it felt like it was sitting on top of my skin, thus giving me a heavier look. Having said that, it would be a great product for people with extremely dry skin but if you have an oil issue, definitely stay away. Priced at about $5.99

All in all, for an inexpensive drug store brand, not too bad but I think I'll stick with their lipsticks and eye shadows!!!

What about you? Have you ever tried any of the Wet 'N' Wild foundations? What are your thoughts?

Oct 12, 2010

On-line Shops for Canadians

I LOVE on-line shopping.

It's such a rush to be able to sit around, in pajamas, drinking coffee or vodka (depending on the time of day) and shop for everything, without having to leave your house. Not only that, but you can also shop for really great deals. Whether it's wholesale shopping from stores in the US or bidding on exclusive items on e-bay, you can find products that are difficult to find in shops.

Typically, I shop from stores in the US since they have better prices (yes, even with the shipping and exchange rate) and a greater selection BUT, it's all changing. I've found a few great shops that not only ship to Canada but offer an amazing selection at cheap prices. (It doesn't get much better than this.)

www.beautyticket.com - This site is great. Brand name lines at inexpensive prices. They have Steals of the Week and will even alert you, via email, when they have exclusive sales.

www.well.ca - It's a huge drugstore on-line. You'll find everything from skin care to cosmetics and even vitamins.

www.strawberrynet.com - AMAZING! You have make-up, skin care and fragrances all in one website. No need to bounce around and order from multiple places.

Enjoy the sites and happy shopping!!!

The Price of Eminence

On a whim, I purchased two facial products after my massage. (Definitely not the best time to shop.)

That day, not only had I received a massage, but also a facial, pedicure, reflexology and a lip treatment, so I'm not too sure if I purchased these ridiculously expensive products because I was EXTREMELY relaxed or I'd inhaled too many different fumes.

For those that haven't heard of Eminence Organics, they're a Canadian product line free of parabens and sulfates AND the products are award winning. (The skin care line has won many, many, many awards for being the "Best of the Best".) Now, of course, not every spa uses Eminence, but if they do, you're definitely in for a real treat.

There was a huge variety of products used by Jasmine, the Technician, but I purchased the Strawberry Rhubarb Masque and Couperose-C Antioxidant Serum. The masque is an amazingly indulgent treat, since it smells just like strawberry yogurt, AND there are real chunks of rhubarb and strawberry right in the jar.

Product is very simple, scoop a little in to your palm, dilute with water, and apply to face and neck, BUT the price tag is heavy: $58 for only 2 fl. The serum, meant to be worn prior to moisturizer, smells like rosehip and peppermint. Application is extremely simple too, since it comes with a squeeze top eye-dropper, but again, $48 for 1 fl. oz is not a great deal.

Big question of the day: Do they work?

I love the masque. All the ingredients work together to moisturize, brighten and heal your skin, all the while smelling fantastic. It goes on nicely and does work to take away redness and even out your skin's texture. The serum, though, I'm not a fan of. It does hydrate and nourish, but it doesn't do a good job of reducing redness or irritation. (I want to find a better serum without the hefty price tag.)

As you all know, I love indulging, but next time I want to purchase an Eminence product, I'll wait for the Spa Show and purchase it at the wholesale price....

Have you ever spent a lot of money on something which turned out to bomb??? If so, tell me about it....

Oct 8, 2010

Beauty For A Cause

As most people know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But for those that don't, I'm sure the increase in pink ribbons, pink shirts, and Weekend Walks may have, eventually, tipped you off.

Though there are so many ways to donate to many Breast Cancer Charities, it just got even easier for us product junkies. As it turns out, there are plenty of beauty products you can shop for that benefit related charities and here are a few of my personal faves:

Clinique Great Lips, Great Cause www.clinique.com

This limited edition trio key ring features a pink ribbon heart charm, Clinique "C" charm, and three mini lip favorites: Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Clearly Pink, Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Grapefruit and Different Lipstick in Glazed Berry. (Clinique will donate $4 per key ring purchased to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation during the month of October.) Retailing at $16 USD

Estee Lauder Pink Ribbon Collection: Evelyn Lauder Lip Design Collection www.esteelauder.com

The lip design collection was hand-picked by Evelyn Lauder (one of the creators of the pink ribbon symbol; her mother was Estee Lauder) herself. Trio includes: Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in Tiramisu, Pure Color Lipstick in Candy and in Rubellite. The lip colors in a pretty pink cosmetic bag. (Estee Lauder will donate $500,000 in connection with the sales of its Pink Ribbon Collection to the BCRF.) Retailing at $25 USD

Bobbi Brown Pink Shimmer Brick Compact www.bobbibrown.com

Bobbi Brown has created a limited edition Pink Shimmer Brick Compact. Hand-made in Italy, each brick contains five bars of iridescent color. Use on cheekbones, eyelids or allover for a pink glow. (Bobbi Brown will be donating $35,000 in connection with the North American sales to the BCRF.) Retailing at $38 USD

Sephora Collection BCA Pink Eyelash Curler www.sephora.com

This eyelash curler is engineered and tailor-made exclusively for Sephora. At a price of about $16 USD, Spehora will be donating $1 from each eyelash curler sold to the BCRF.)

Smashbox Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss in Barely There Pink www.smashbox.com

This pretty pink lip gloss is in a limited edition package. It's a silky-smooth lip color that stays in place for up to 6 hours and protects your pout with SPF 15. By the way, all proceeds of this product, through the month of October, will be donated to the BCRF. Retailing at $21 USD

OPI Nail Lacquer in Pink Of Hearts www.opi.com

This exclusive polish is a beautiful pale pink with a subtle shimmer. In support of Breast Cancer Month, OPI will donate $25,000 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure AND a $5,000 donation to Rethink Breast Cancer in Canada. Retailing at $8.50 USD

I COULD go on and on and on about all the exclusive products available OR you could all go online, start shopping, purchase some of these products and help find a Cure.....hmmm, decisions decisions...

Oct 7, 2010

Surprisingly Smooth Skin from CoverGirl

The other day, while on my way inside, I actually remembered to check the mailbox and was greeted with a nice surprise...A free sample! Woohoo, I thought to myself, it must be my lucky day. Imagine getting a free beauty product sample in the mail. (Don't burst my bubble here people.....just let me assume I'm the only one who received this freebie!!!)

So, I opened the box and was greeted with a CoverGirl product. Now, I'll be honest. I don't actively buy CoverGirl. I recently tried a mascara of theirs, which I disliked, so I wasn't too keen on trying this baby BUT then I noticed another name in the title: CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer.

I put the sample to good use this morning after moisturizer. The primer goes on like a cream (and is actually white in color due to the addition of Titanium Dioxide) and is easily applied, but it does take some time to set (about five minutes or so.) Once absorbed, my skin was silky smooth, my fine lines had almost disappeared and my concealer held perfectly.

Now, over 12 hours after applying, my make-up still looks perfect and my skin's had no oily mishaps.

So, If you are on the hunt for a primer, and don't want to spend a lot, I highly recommend trying this product out.

Oct 6, 2010

RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum....Does it Work?

So, as most of you know, exactly one month and three days ago, I decided to try the RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum for two major reasons: First, hardly anyone has reviewed and/or blogged about the product and second, if it didn't work, I could get the eyelash extensions anyway. (No harm no foul.)

Well, ladies, and gentleman....

It worked!!! Trust me, I'm as shocked as you. (For those who don't recall what my eyelashes looked like before click here.) Honestly, I thought this product was going to fall flat (and I'd be upset that I spent $50 on something that didn't work) but actually, my lashes are now pitch black in color, less brittle, at least a millimeter longer AND thicker than ever before. I am still completely amazed. Actually, I'm almost at a loss for words which doesn't happen....ever.

Do I recommend it??? Hell yes, I do. I'll continue using RapidLash until the product is gone to see what happens after that BUT it looks as if I won't be needing the extensions after all. YAY

Oct 5, 2010

Can Pink Be the New Red?

About a week ago, I went on the hunt for the perfect pink lipstick.

When I say "went on a hunt", I really mean an expedition. I, literally, dragged my girlfriend around Sephora, Holt Renfrew, The Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart trying to find the perfect pink hue.

I was reading the latest COSMOPOLITAN magazine the day before the outing, making a list of pretty colors when I found it. The perfect pink!!! It was perfectly matte and just gorgeous. This color, Lancome's Stylista, was added to the top of my ever increasing list.

While shopping, I found the Lancome lipstick and it was NOT what I expected. In fact, it wasn't even pink, it was burnt orange. Quite obviously, not the color I wanted so I forgot about it.

As the day went on, I found the color I'd been seeking so desperately; Tarte Cosmetics Bikram Lip Stick. I ran after an associate, who promptly said they were out of that color and to try another location. So, I did. I tried two others that day, including the online store, and no one had it. (Which is making me think it's discontinued.)

So, through the heartache of finding the perfect shade and losing it, here's a list of beautiful pinks from that day's research:

1. MAC Creme Cup Lipstick. This color is the closest I could find to the Bikram lipstick. It's a fabulous light pink tone that looks phenomenal with smoky eyes.
2. Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Rose (#22). This is my absolute favorite. The color, though pink, is a bit darker and looks more dusty rose than baby pink. It's uber moisturizing and luxurious.
3. Smashbox Cosmetics Lip Enhancing Gloss in POP. This color is that perfect baby pink color in a gloss form.
4. Benefit Silky-Finish Lipstick in Jing-A-Ling. This product line is always a treat. It's a soft, pale pink color that's extremely moisturizing and glossy looking.
4. Revlon SuperLustrous Creme Lip Color in Pink in the Afternoon (#415). A great pick for the budget-conscious gal. Super pink, creamy, moisturizing for only $7.

Now, on to the big question....Why, you ask, am I scouring the stores for pink????

According to a recent article in Cosmo, ("Surprising Factors That Make a Guy Eager to Meet You") men are biologically attracted to women with full, pink lips since they're (supposedly) linked to fertility. A pale lipstick, like light pink or peach, attracts light, which makes your mouth look plumper. -October 2010, pg. 78

Soooo, if this is true ladies, pink is, quite obviously, the new red.

Oct 4, 2010

Gotta Love Dickinson's

As of yesterday afternoon, my "best toner list" has a new number one.

I spent Saturday morning, in Bellingham, shopping with a girlfriend. As per usual, I created my "need" list about four days in advance, so as soon as we crossed the border, we immediately beelined to Rite-Aid. (This was my first time in a Rite-Aid pharmacy and holy crap it's cheap.) My list included a ton of different facial moisturizers and a new toner.

I ran to the facial section and after looking for a few minutes, noticed they didn't have the toner I was looking for. Instead, I saw a lone bottle of Dickinson's Witch Hazel Facial Toner on sale for $4.29.....(I know, I know. I doesn't matter that I have four different toners at home. How can you NOT buy something this inexpensive...) So, I bought it.....

Once home, I washed my face, dried it and grabbed a cotton pad. I opened my new toner and was completely appalled by the scent. (Seriously, it smells like pee....not pleasant.) I was committed; I had to try it. I put some on the pad, applied to my face and was sooooo happy I did. This is one of the first toners I've tried that doesn't make your skin tight after use or cause irritation. Not only that, but your pores minimize and your skin becomes extremely soft. This brand is also 100% natural, fragrance free, acid free, and paraben free. And to think, I was contemplating throwing it out due to the minor pee smell....

Try try try this product. Though I bought mine across the line at Rite-Aid, you can also purchase it at Wal-Mart. Go out, get it and be sure to plug your nose before applying....ha

Oct 1, 2010

The Joys of Scrub

Who, honestly, dislikes a good scrub? There is nothing more rewarding than slapping on an intense, gritty scrub and, after ten minutes and some washing, revealing a new, glowing you.

Last night, after work, I ran to London Drugs to pick up an anniversary card. Since I was already shopping, I thought it a good idea to beeline for the cosmetics section. (For research, of course....ha.) Now, when it comes to skincare, I'm most definitely a brand snob, so I was surprised when the St. Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish & Blackhead Control caught my eye. I bought the sucker, since it was only $4.99, and went directly home to try it out.

I put this on immediately after cleansing my face and was very impressed with the smell. (Good smell, by the way; it lives up to its apricot name.) I let it sit on my skin for about ten minutes and once I washed it off, I was impressed immensely. My skin felt tighter, looked refreshed and my pores appeared to be smaller. I will definitely use this again, without a doubt, and am actually eager to try the entire St. Ives facial product line.

Try it out guys!!! For under $5, you're getting a natural scrub, with no parabens and no animal testing. Oh, and you can get it at a drugstore. Doesn't get much better than that...

For the people that LOVE homemade products, check out this awesome article for some easy spa-at-home recipes... http://hubpages.com/hub/Cleanser_Recipes

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