Mar 16, 2018

FOTD: Easy Breezy Work Look

Good morning!  My typical weekend look...
Ever since moving from Vancouver, BC to Airdrie, AB, my look has drastically changed.

Just another weekend pic....
As you all know, my sister is an amazing stylist here in Alberta and is very highly sought after.  She's been convincing me to go blonde(r) for the past couple years and, within the past few months, my hair is extremely blonde and very long.  Having such a different shade of hair means that my makeup look has had to change as well - I find that I am doing less smoky eyes and more dark, dark lips but that could be the weather here too!

With this in mind, I do try to tone my look done for weekdays as bolder is NOT always better.  Here's a typical look I wear in to the office every day.

I always have my winged liner on, for work, and do not leave home without some form of blush/contour/bronzer combo going on.  

Glossers, what is your typical weekday look?

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow!! You look great! I love both these looks. I'm definitely more of the casual everyday look, work or not. I'm working on trying some new things though as well. xo


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