Mar 21, 2018

ISH Statement Lip Palette - Review and Swatches

As most of us beauty junkies know, lip palettes are a bad investment.

Usually, the included colors are colors that wouldn't sell as a single tube of lipstick or gloss and typically the product formulation is less than stellar.  I have tried many a lip palettes in my past, always going in with the best intentions, but realize after one application that they are too tacky, too sticky, too orange and all-around a bad idea.

Until I met this one, I had labelled all lip palettes the same.  However, I am very impressed with the colors, the application and the longevity of the ISH Statement Lip Palette.

Let's chat colors.  On first impression, I was excited to see nude shades in palette as well as more reds than pinks.  The best part of this palette - the nude shades are actually nude and NOT orange.  I also love that each one can be mixed together to create your own unique shades.  Also included in the palette is a tinted lip topper to give your lips a hint of sheen should you like that glossy look.

Here are the colors from left to right (top row; excluding the first shade which is a tinted lip topper).

Middle row from left to right.  Check out how gorgeous these pink shades are!

Bottom row from left to right.  I am LOVING the last berry color.

I am really impressed with how fantastic the last nude color (in the top row) is.  I have it on here and it's almost as if this nude shade was made for my skin tone.  I am absolutely loving it.  I will also say that it went on very easily, is super pigmented and the colors blend well, as I moved on to the berry shade after this.

I didn't take off the nude shade prior to applying the berry color (last color in the bottom row) but still the pigment is amazing.  Perfect color for my skin tone and definitely easy to apply.

I am thrilled with this palette and will now eat my words about lip palettes.  Ha

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  1. I was very curious to know how you felt about this palette. I felt the same way about them, they either ended up being a mess or the colors were never right. Actually seeing this swatched and your review actually now makes me what to try it instead of putting it at the bottom of my drawer.
    AND you're right, the colors are perfect for you! I can't wait to get home and play with it more now. xo
    Forgot to ask, what are your thoughts on the brush that came with it? Did you use it for the photos?


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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