Dec 10, 2014

Fall Haul from Sephora

For those that don't know, I have a MAJOR palette obsession.

Truly, it's bad.  There's something so special about a little kit that has EVERYTHING you need to create a beautiful smoky eye, or a kit that contains everything you need for a trip abroad.  I've tried to explain this obsession to my husband, Allan, and for some reason he just doesn't get it.  He doesn't understand why I need specific palettes for each look or why I have lip palettes and eye palettes and palettes that are lips and eyes combined.  So, I've stopped telling him that I've bought a new one and instead, hide it under the bed for a week or two and then slowly rotate it into the mix.

My recent Sephora haul consists mainly of, you guessed it, palettes and a couple other neat things I found.  I got the Sephora IT Palette (aka the Color Spectrum Eyeshadow Collection), the Sephora Spring in Soho Eye, Cheek and Lip Palette, the Buxom Lip Polish in "Christina" (how fitting) and the Pinch Minimergency Kit for Her.

Check these things out!

The Sephora IT Palette is gorgeous.  The colors inside are vibrant, bold and stunning.  I find myself drawn to jewel tones and when I saw this one on sale for 50% off, I knew it was destined to come home with me.

Inside, the palette has a highlighter and a base on the left hand side.  The colors from left to right (top row) are Rich Chocolate, Radiant Pink, Brilliant Yellow, Magnetic Aqua.  From Left to right (bottom row) are Bold Bronze, Prismatic Purple, Iridescent Green and Blue Crystal.  The black and white on the far right are the two eyeliners in the package.  Along with a few brushes, this palette is perfect for creating tons of different eye looks.

The Sephora Spring in Soho is awesome because it's small enough to keep in your purse AND has two different levels.

The first level is full of your eye shadows and brushes.

The second level, contained in a slide-out drawer, are the lip colors and the blush.  Too cute.

For those of you that have not tried a Buxom lip gloss, you have to go out right now and get one.  They are magnificent because they aren't sticky, they have amazing staying power and the have a lip plumping agent in the gloss.  I love that tingly feeling especially if it's because my lips are looking more full.  I grabbed my namesake gloss and absolutely love it.

Last but not least, is the Minimergency Kit by Pinch.  This little kit contains all of the following items: a bandage, a safety pin, earring backs, a deodrant towelette, nail polish remover pad, stain remover, clear elastics, lip balm, an emery board, a tampon, hair spray, clear nail polish, dental floss, a mending kit, breath freshener, double sided tape and some aspirin.  And the package is so tiny (hence it pictured next to my lip gloss container.)  I like it so much that I am petrified to use anything in it!

What items have you been buying recently?  Any great palettes?


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  1. Oh wow! What a great haul! I have a couple of these and seeing them reminds me how awesome they are and why the heck aren't I wearing them?! HAHA! xo


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