Mar 15, 2012

Victoria's Secret Makeup Haul

Occasionally, a chain store surprises me.

Take last week for instance; I went to the States with a gal pal, popped into Victoria's Secret on a whim and was BLOWN away by their new spring/summer makeup collection.  I was so blown away that I bought the entire line....honestly, I did.

From left to right: VS Makeup Limited-Edition Deluxe Eye Palette in Fearless (blues), Face Prime Makeup Primer & Setting Spray, VS Makeup Limited-Edition Illuminating Face Powder in All or Nothing and VS Makeup Limited-Edition Lip Gloss in Passion.  (By the way, all of these items came to $60 USD...such a great deal.)

First, check out this eye palette.  Not only are the colors PERFECT for spring/summer, but they are soooo shimmery and gorgeous.  Can't wait to experiment with these colors to find out what look is best!

I think I screamed a little when I first saw this powder.  It's extremely shimmery, very smooth and silky feeling and has so many iridescent particles that the shimmer switches from being nude to violet.  This is going to be such a summer staple for me.

Check out this pink shade.  I like VS lip glosses because they aren't sticky, make my lips nice and smooth and don't cost an arm and a leg.  This one though has a bit of shimmer and is very long lasting.  Plus, the color adds so much to my skin tone that I can rock this color in Bali with limited face makeup and still feel polished.

I purchased this on a whim and am very happy I did.  I've yet to use it as a primer BUT have used it to set my look and it actually does a pretty good job.  My makeup stills smudges slightly during the day but carrying this around does decrease my touch-up sessions.

Whew, I love new makeup and I feel like it's been forever since I last bought any.  So glad that drought's over!!  Have you tried these products before?  What are your thoughts?


  1. They look so good! Those are all the colours I'm usually drawn to, but there's much shimmer too! Do you apply the powder like a Benefit box? I've never even used powder blush!

    1. Thanks for the comment Tor!! Personally, I use this powder illuminator to accent my cheeks, eyebrow bone and cheekbones. You can also use this on your chest or shoulders to give yourself an all over glow.


    2. Ooh, sounds good! I haven't quite got the hang of powders (I pretty much always use my Benetint knockoff, rose Vaseline and sometimes High Beam) but that sounds really versatile.

  2. Love the colors!! You are going to rock them! xo

  3. I'm intrigued by the powder and the setting spray! I love the idea of a spray primer. And I'm nearly out of my Urban Decay setting spray, so I'll try this next!

  4. OMG... that powder looks ama-ZING!

  5. That powder looks so amazing. Shimmery/glittery/sparkly always gets me. haha


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