Mar 12, 2012

GUEST POST: Mandy from MandysSecrets

Hey everyone!  Many thanks to Christina for being kind enough to let me invade her blog AGAIN!  Although she gave me very strict instructions that I'm just here for a visit and not to redecorate the whole place in her absence.  (Yes, I may, or may not, have planned to turn her whole blog pink and Hello Kitty themed...) [NOTE FROM CHRISTINA: Mandy, this would not have gone over very well, let me tell you...ha]

**Ahem**  Anyways, today I have a very fun nail post for you!  I've recently fallen in love with this website called Design Seeds.  Basically, 1-2 color palettes are uploaded for you to glean inspiration from, and while I think they're fantastic for finding new color schemes for your home decor or blog, I'm ecstatic over the color blocking nail polish.

The palette I used this time is Sugared (neon), which is pictured above.  I've always had a thing for Pop Ices and I thought the colors were very bright and appropriate for spring.  Here's what I came up with:

 NOTE: I decided to use a more cerulean-based light blue instead of the bright turquoise shown in the palette because it's what I say when I actually looked at the picture.  I think it could really go either way, but...I like my way best (of course.)

Polishes used:
  • Color Club Almost Famous (yellow)
  • Ulta Blue Streak and Color Club Chelsea Girl (bright blue)
  • Pure Ice Wild Thing and Sinful Colors Irish Green (bright green)
  • Color Club Pucci-licious (purple)
  • Sinful Colors Paradise (light blue
I hope you've enjoyed my post!  Design Seeds is a seriously cool website and I think you can get a lot of inspiration from it.  Be sure to check it out if you have time!

I'd like to thank Christina again for having me over to visit today.  Her blog is seriously one that I read religiously, so it's an honor that she asked me to post for her!

Thanks again Mandy for your awesome post!  Be sure to look at Mandy's blog at MandysSecrets 


  1. Super cool post! I love those colors!! Thanks for the ideas Mandy! xo

  2. I am going to have to share this with my fashion loving teenage daughter. Some how I do not think I could pull it off as I go out to the barn to feed the sheep. An interesting note about Yellow. I read some time ago that yellow is the most eye catching color - many formerly red fire engines are now made yellow, and of course it is popular for Taxis. It is a color most enjoyed when we are young, but apparently as we get older we like to look at yellow less and less.
    For drawing attention to nails I would say it is a huge plus. If a person had cute sandals and nice looking toes adding these colors to their toe nails in the summer would be awesome.
    Great blog.


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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