Feb 6, 2012

Fun Girls + Davids Tea = A Fun Girls Davids Tea Party

Mmmmmmm, homemade Pumpkin Chai Latte
It's Monday, about 2:20 in the afternoon and I'm typing away while drinking a homemade Davids Tea Pumpkin Chai latte.  (Yes,  flex mondays are definitely the best days ever.)  I should begin by saying that this post is absolutely non-beauty related (so feel free to skip should you like) but it does have to do with my other obsession: Tea.

I'm an ex-coffee drinker.  I was that person that couldn't function without having a cup of java as soon as I woke up or would shut down mid-afternoon without a little cup of espresso.  I am, though, someone that also suffers from permanent heartburn (yes, I'm on a pill for it) and always found that despite taking my little yellow pill, heartburn would follow as soon as I took my first sip of coffee.  Plus, I was never really fond of tea.  To me, it just didn't have the flavor that a strong cup of coffee did.  This completely changed for me about two months ago.

I discovered Davids Tea while perusing my local mall and I've not had a cup of coffee since that day.  Now, I find it very hard to explain my quick change but know it has something to do with the actual act of steeping some fab loose tea, the cute infusers/steepers/kettles you can purchase and the hundreds of different flavors just waiting to be tasted.  Though I can't pinpoint when my decision happened I can say that tea has not only replaced my coffee affair BUT I feel better, my skin looks fantastic and it gives me such a great reason to have friends over: Tea Parties!!  (Oh, and I don't get heartburn anymore....who knew?)

I had the girls over for a prim and proper tea party on Sunday.  Check out some of these fabulous pictures!

This is my personal Davids Tea stash.  All my tins sit very nicely on the counter top and I surround the beauties with agave, a steeper, my milk frother (and jug), infuser and my two special measuring spoons.  I don't have too much tea right?

All my friends received a special vintage tea cup and their own infuser
as a "thanks for attending" goodie bag

I also created a "sniffing station" where all my guests could smell the teas before steeping

There were 12 teas in total: Snow Bunny, Super Chocolate and Coffee Pu'erh

Jessie's Tea, Forever Nuts and Read My Lips (three of my absolute faves)

The Glow, Buttered Rum and Pumpkin Chai

Three Wishes, Exotica and Apres Ski

Also, no tea party is perfected without some yummy treats

As there were a couple Davids Tea Newbies, tea lists were readily available

My special tea cup with the fantastic Pumpkin Chai steeping away

Eva chose to try Coffee Pu'erh first....Does it not look like a cup of dark coffee?

Margaret busy smelling the Coffee Pu'erh which she absolutely adored

Bronwen sipping Forever Nuts 

Me, posing with the tea lists

On a different note, I was actually sent a special Davids Tea package the other day from Kaley at NKPR Inc.  I'll be completely honest when I say how surprised (and excited) I was to receive it, as well as the email alerting me of such.  Plus, as soon as I opened the box and saw the Sweetheart Collection I was THRILLED.

The collection contains 5 sample size teas in a variety of flavors that bring out the "valentine" in everyone.  The teas are Peppermint Amour, Dr. Chocolate, Honey Bee, Hot Lips (which actually smells like cinnamon hearts) and Love Tea #7.  I can not wait to sit back and drink (tea) with Allan this Valentine's Day.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. Fabulous post! Thanks for the great time at the tea party!! xo

  2. That looks amazing. I am a coffee addict! I want so desperately to like hot tea, but I just can't seem to find anything that compares to a good cup of coffee. It seems like the only time I crave hot tea is when I am sick. But it looks like I might have to try this stuff out! :)

  3. how awesome! that tea all is calling my name, i'm soooo into a good tea. the pumpkin chai sounds divine

  4. How cute is this?? Modern day tea party!

    I just finished a second tin of cream of earl grey from David's. It's my go-to for coffee replacement when I want a hit of caffeine but don't want to overload.

  5. Oh I can't believe how much effort you put into it! Everything looks adorable!! I wonder if we get this over here.

  6. That's the sort of party I want to be invited to. I'm way more into tea than wine!

  7. oh my gosh, this tea party is sooo cool! i would love to attend something like it especially because i'm not a tea drinker but i would love to be. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  8. I wish I could have all you ladies attend!! We could have sweets, tea and chatted about makeup. Sigh, my perfect day. Anyway, you all must try Davids Tea if you can. The flavors are glorious and they're really inexpensive



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