Nov 22, 2011

The Revlon Suede Rhapsody Multi-Use Palette Is Mine....!!!

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As you all know, I recently purchased the Revlon Limited Edition Lip Palette and blogged about it HERE.  In that post, though, I spoke about last year's palette called the Suede Rhapsody Multi-Use Palette and, after an active eBay search, found a new one and purchased it for only $7.95 (including shipping.)  I know, AMAZING.  And, guess what showed up at my doorstep on Friday????

How gorgeous is this right?  What's better than a tiny clutch-sized eye/cheek/lip palette?  This little palette has two eye shadows (the burgundy and grey in the bottom row), two blushes (the white highlighter and peach in the top row) and a gorgeous red lip gloss.  I was kicking myself last year for not buying this palette so the fact that I actually found an unused one is just amazing.  Sigh, such a good deal.

Now, for a little sneak peek into Christmas at my house.  I should begin by saying that Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year and if it wasn't frowned upon, I would begin decorating at the end of September.  But, since it IS frowned upon, I waited until the middle of November, instead.  So, this past weekend I put up my Christmas tree.  (Since Thanksgiving in Canada is in October, I guess we get into the Christmas spirit a bit earlier.)  Anyway, my Christmas tree is filled with tons of different snowmen because snowmen are my absolute favorite thing to collect over the holidays.

Isn't it adorable...

PS - Sorry for the strangely yellow pictures.  Allan used the camera for some bike pictures over the weekend and I have NO idea how to change the settings......boooo.


  1. Love the new palette!! You're so cute! Christmas is a great time and as someone who has experienced your Christmas-ness, I have to say that I love it! It looks wonderful! xo

  2. I LOOOOVE christmas as well! Can't wait to decorate my room! Will do it on the next weekend! (:


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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