Nov 9, 2011

Review: Queen Helene Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment

 Aside from lipstick color, hair is one of those things I tend to notice on others.  I adore seeing other people's hair styles and color and am not opposed to asking anyone about their hair products, hair stylist or daily routine.  Because hair is this important to me, it probably makes perfect sense that I'm always on the hunt for great hair products.

I recently purchased a three-pack of Queen Helene Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment while cross-border shopping.  A long time ago I used to use VO5's Hot Oil Treatment and have been looking for a replacement ever since so decided to spend the $6.99 to try it out.  I am actually quite happy I did!

Can be used on dry or wet hair
Nice thick oil that fully saturates hair
Makes hair extremely shiny
Repairs split-ends, breakage and brittleness
Leaves hair extremely manageable, stronger, and healthy looking
Easy-to-use packaging
Very quick - Only needs to be on hair for 3 minutes
Very inexpensive

Have yet to find it in Canada

The packaging says to "shampoo hair and towel dry.  Place tube in a cup of hot tap water for one minute.  Holding top edge of tube, twist off tip.  Massage through hair and scalp, cover with warm, damp towel or plastic cap for three minutes.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water.  Towel dry and style as needed."  Instead, I applied to dry hair will in the bath and covered, with my milk maid shower cap, for about five minutes.  I rinsed it and went to bed with wet hair.  The next morning, my hair was absolutely gorgeous.  So, you can use this treatment however you'd like, as long as you warm it up first.

I am quite a fan of this treatment and would definitely buy it again.  Should you be on the market for a hair treatment, I highly suggest trying this one out.

XO Christina

PS - Two things have happened as of today and I desperately need to share them.  One, today my hair officially fits into little pig tails.  Yes, I have hit that stage of hair growing.  The second one, is definitely bad news.  My fabulous NP Hair Straightener broke!  I've had it for 4 years and don't know what I'm going to do.  Any suggestions of straightener brands is very helpful!!!

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  1. I used to use the VO5 hot oil treatment, but I never found that it really did anything for me. I'm curious to try this though, now that you've been the guinea pig ;)...
    So excited for you about your hair growth! It's going to be so long in no time at all. I can't recommend a flat iron, as I don't use them, but it sure sucks when something you love breaks, so I'm feeling for you there! xo

  2. It sounds like a really nice product! Congrats on the hair growth! I know it can feel like forever :)

  3. Oil treatments are brilliant. I use the vo5 one.

    Straighteners wise, I swear by ghds!

  4. Ulta still sells the VO5 hot oil treatments! Check in store and online.. they should be there!

    Do the hot oil treatments make your hair oily? I have really oily hair that I already have to wash every day, so I'm terrified of applying anything at my roots, let alone straight up oil. But I've always wanted to try the hot oil treatments!

    As far as straighteners, I have a GO by FHI that I like.. GHDs are good. Babyliss is amazing. CHIs break and we see them returned daily.. same with Crocs. Andis are also decent, but I find that they tend to pull hair.

    Hope that helps! ♥

  5. Thanks so much ladies for the help. I've asked "Santa" for a new hair straightener for Christmas so we'll see what Allan picks out. I have given him a list of a few though, so thanks for the help



Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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