Sep 22, 2011

WNW's New Colors and Mini Haul

So, Allan and I took an impromptu trek across the border last night to pick up something oh-so very special.  (I'll share with you later...)  After we'd picked up a couple packages, we headed to Rite-Aid.  (I should begin by saying that I rent a mailbox in Blaine, WA which is a super small border town, thus making Rite-Aid the most exciting store there.....ha).

I actually like Rite-Aid quite a bit since they always have great deals on cosmetics.  And, it was the same today.  Deals galore!!

So, I got (from left to right) Freeman Facial Enzyme Pineapple Mask, Conair Thermal Ionic Self-Grip Rollers, L'oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color in 5RB (my absolute favorite), WNW Color Icon Trio in I'm Feeling Retro, WNW Color Icon Trio in We're Blasting Off, WNW Color Icon Trio in Fly Me To The Moon and WMW Speed Gloss Lip Shine in Untamed.  (All the Wet N Wild items are from their new color line!!)

Aren't these colors gorgeous?  Even though the pretty bright blue eyeshadow broke on the way home, I'm still super stoked to wear it.

Swatches of I'm Feeling Retro - (from left to right) eyelid color, crease and eyebrow.

Swatches of We're Blasting Off - (from left to right) eyelid color, crease and eyebrow.

Swatches of Fly Me To The Moon - (from left to right) eyelid color, crease and eyebrow

And, drum roll please, the most exciting reason for us going to the states was to pick up our Save-The Date Cards.  Check them out...

Sigh, they are absolutely perfect.  I thought they were adorable when we saw them on-line BUT after seeing them in person I realize how awesome they really are.

Have any of you tried any of the new WNW colors?  What are your thoughts?



  1. those save the date cards are super cute! awesome! I really like the blasting off colors. :)

  2. Ooh! "I'm Feeling Retro" colors are awesome!

    Ah! Those save the date cards are too adorable. ^^

  3. Your save the date cards are fabulous! Great taste!

  4. I adore the Feeling Retro colors! So Pretty!! I can't wait to see how the rollers work too!! :)
    I love the save the date cards!! They are perfect! xo

  5. I have that Freeman mask (although mine is the old design) but I rarely use it, I don't know, it makes my face sting...?

    I'm lusting after those WNW palettes, We're Blasting Off looks gorgeous!

  6. GAHHH!!! Look how CUTE those are! And I totally have 'We're Blasting Off'..but I've yet to actually use it. Shame on me!

  7. Nice haul and thanks for the swatches.:D

    Your save the date card design is so cool, I like it!:D

    ***** Marie *****
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