Sep 11, 2011

Joe Fresh Over-The-Knee Suede Boots, You're Finally Mine!

So I realize that I've been buying a lot of Joe Fresh Beauty/Clothes the past little while but I LOVE the line so much.  Not only is everything inexpensive but it's remarkably fantastic quality!  Anyway, as almost everyone knows (since I've been talking about it so much) over-the-knee boots have been on my fall wishlist.  Because I have larger calves (I like to blame all the ballet I've done for that), finding boots can be a bit of a challenge.  However, on a recent trip to the Joe Fresh boutique shop AND the States, I've found two amazing pairs (plus a few other things)..

Are these not adorable???  So, get this, they're real leather/suede, actually come all the way over my knee and only cost $89.  God, I love Joe Fresh.

These boots were an impulse buy because they only cost $20.  Yes, I said it, 20 bucks.  Whenever I go to Seattle, I always make it a point to go to Ross.  I know, it's a super cheap store and you have to spend loads of time digging through endless piles of clothes to find something good, but these boots fit me perfectly and I love that they're grey.  Such a good bargain.

This purse also came from Ross.  I should probably say that I'm not a label-snob and don't usually like GUESS bags as they're a bit too flashy for me but when I saw this one, it completely changed my mind.  I love this brown tote and the fact that it only cost $39.99 (instead of the usual $130) means I couldn't go wrong.

Last but not least, the cutest bike/ballerina necklace ever.  I ordered this through Etsy and picked it up from a mailbox I rent in the States.  I should say that it only cost me $5 (including shipping) and knew it was made for me when I saw the bike (Allan's favorite hobby) and a ballerina (ballet is my first love) combined on one vintage-y looking necklace.  I have been wearing it ever since I picked it up last weekend..

The fact that I found two pairs of over the knee boots has literally made me sooooo happy.  Sigh, I can't wait for fall so I can actually wear them


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  1. I'm so glad you found the things you were looking for and you're happy with them. They are are so great!! :) xo

  2. I have the same problem with boots. Damn calves! Those boots are nice. 20 bucks is too good of a deal to pass up. I haven't been to Ross in a long time.-Ang

  3. I really want some over the knee boots, those are gorgeous, but $89 is wayyyy too expensive for my tight student budget ):

  4. Love love LOVE everything you bought! I can't even decide on a fave thing.. they're all great!

    I'm on a mission to find boots as well. I definitely prefer taller boots, but it's hard because my legs are so skinny, lol! ♥

  5. Thanks so much ladies.

    @Bronwen..I love everything so much. Thanks for snapping all the pics..xo

    @Ang...Ross is such a fun store. I know it's hot and crowded, but the deals are great.

    @Gaby..I feel your pain lady. I had to save and save and save for my boots. Planning a wedding definitely cuts into your shopping budget

    @Mandy...Ha, you have the exact opposite issue as I do. I'd love to the boots you do choose


  6. I cant belive they only cost 20 bucks! They look way more expensive...great impulse!
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