Sep 8, 2011

My First Encounter With The Cosmetics Company Store

Finding new cosmetic shops and brands is, by far, one of the most fun things ever.  So when a girlfriend described The Cosmetics Company Store to me, I was completely blown away.  You mean there's a shop that sells premium brands for less???  I knew I had to seek this place out.

On a recent trip to the states, I made my way to the Premium Outlet Shops in Washington where I knew there was The Cosmetics Company Store.  As soon as I discovered the shop, I ran in and realized I was in beauty product heaven.  Their walls were covered with everything from Clinique, Lancome, Calvin Klein, MAC and even Bobbi Brown for about 25% off the normal retail price.  And to think I only purchased two items:

I purchased the Bobbi Brown Denim & Rose Palette and the MAC Hocus Focus Colorful Face Kit.  As soon as I saw the denim palette I knew I had to get it.  (It's been on my wishlist for quite some time...)

So cute right? This adorable denim pouch contains 4 eye shadows, 1 blush, 2 lip glosses and 2 lipsticks.  Plus it combines all my favorite makeup colors: greys, pinks, blues and bronzes.  I purchased this for $42 instead of the usual $60.

The next item is the MAC Hocus Focus Blush Kit.  Now, I'll be honest, I'm not usually a fan of MAC products because I find their products to be rather overpriced and the quality not as good as it should be.  However, when I saw this little blush kit, I fell in love right away.  It contains 1 soft pink blush and 2 shimmer blushes in a coral and gold.  I got this one for $26.75 instead of the usual $38.

I would definitely say that my first visit to the Cosmetics Company Store was a success.  I can't wait to go back!!  Have you tried either of these products before?  If so, what are your thoughts?



  1. That's a great little haul! Super cute products! xo

  2. Great picks there! We have the same here and can't wait for my next trip there

  3. Yay for good makeup deals!:D

    The blush kit is pretty, great colors.:D Would go well with almost all skin tones.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. Great haul! Love the denim! Now I'm going to search online for a store near me.


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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