Sep 13, 2011

Extensions vs. Natural Hair Growth

Ever since Allan proposed, I've been thinking non-stop about my hair.  See, the dilemma is, as I'm sure it is for most brides-to-be, is deciding how to style your hair for that big day.  Since my hair is rather short right now, I figured there weren't many options BUT the more I searched I realized this may not be the case.

About two months ago, I decided to start growing my hair into a cute chin-length bob with blunt cut bangs.  However, since hair typically only grows a 1/2 inch per month, I know my hair will not be long enough by next September.  So, I've been looking into other options...

Permanent Hair Extensions

I am loving this option the most BUT it doesn't like my pocketbook one bit.  My sister, who is an amazing stylist in Calgary, quoted me just over $600 for the HAIR ALONE to do the extensions I wanted (and those aren't even the long ones) and the hair only lasts about 6 months.  After that, you have to go through the process again...

Weaved Hair Extensions

Another permanent type of extension that is significantly less money.  With this option, the hair is styled into little braids and the extensions are then sewn into the braids.  Downfall with this type is that it can pull the scalp quite significantly and I've heard that the braids can also loosen easily.  But this option is more than half the price of the extensions above.

Clip-In Extensions

This might be my favorite option EXCEPT for the fact that I need to grow my hair (without texturizing or even trimming it) for a good five months before I'd be able to use them.  Plus, I have no idea how they work or if I'd spend the money and find out my hair is too thick to even wear them.  I must say though, I love the price of the clip-ins a lot more than the permanent extension option.  I mean, you can get an amazing full set for just under $200.  

Natural Hair Growth

Sigh, as much as I love my short funky hair, I really do miss styles like this.  Or, even being able to wear a ponytail....Ha, I know right?  I miss the ponytail the most.  The cool thing about natural hair growth is when it finally gets to the length you want, it's probably one of the most rewarding things ever.  Since I am extremely impatient, I will definitely be boosting my intake of Vitamin E, A, B and downing tons more eggs (as all are natural products that promote healthy hair and stimulate hair growth.)  Either way, maybe growing my hair naturally and using clip-in extensions on occasion may be the way to go.

So, if anyone has any tips or tricks about hair growth, have had hair extensions OR use clip-in extensions currently, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.



  1. Maybe you should look into these kind of "glue in" extensions.
    I got my hair at a hair salon for about 150$ and to get them glued in I paid about 45$.
    After getting them done for the first time, I decided to buy the glue and glue them on myself. It's a fairly easy process and doesn't cost much.
    It doesn't last as long as the other "glue in" extensions that comes in little strings of hair but it's so much more budget friendly.
    It would usually last about 6 weeks.
    Hope this helps,

  2. While I've never tried out extensions, I think they are fascinating. I eager to hear what you choose and how it works out for ya. xo

  3. Candice uses the clip ins, or at least used to. I'm not sure. my friend has the clip ins and she loves them.... but her situation is different.. her hair is long but just not "full"...

  4. It's a really tough one! You can get some really nice hairstyles with chin length hair, like a 50's style updo with a bee hive shape

  5. Thank you all so much for your help. It's definitely a decision I am weighing out right now.

    @Vintage, you are too kind! I love short hair but I feel it's time for a change you know?


  6. I have a set of clip-in hair extensions but I'm too lazy to clip them in everyday, not to mention my hair is thin and I'm always paranoid the clips would show through my real hair -_-

    Two of my friend had "permanent" hair extensions for around 2 months and they said it started to loosen on the first month. I'm not sure it's worth it, not to mention it's damaging to your real hair.

  7. I've had the weave extensions and clip ins. I personally prefer clip-ins because they are easier and the weave ins got annoying because I felt like I couldn't wash my hair properly.

    There's another type of extensions, I'm not sure what they're called but they have a thing 'tape' thing at the end, so they lay flatter than the glue or keratin bond ones. And I think they're easier on your hair than those as well. I would look into those myself, but my curls are not uniform at all and I'm afraid they wouldn't blend properly :(


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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