Feb 29, 2016

Naked 3 Palette: Swatches/Dupes from W7 and Makeup Revolution

I've wanted the Naked 3 palette ever since it came out in 2013.  Seriously, never have I ever waited this long to buy anything, let alone a palette.

Yes, I'm SUPER late to the game but I picked it up a few months ago, along with 2 known dupe palettes, and I am so happy to finally add it to my collection.  The dupe palettes are made by Makeup Revolution and W7, both UK brands, and said to mimic the majority of the Naked palettes on the market.  However, is the quality and color really up to par??

Up first is the gorgeous Naked 3 palette, in the flesh.  Sigh, so in love with this palette.

Look, I haven't even touched the colors yet!!  I am absolutely beyond the moon excited about the rose gold tone and how glamorous the colors truly are in person.  Buzz (the fifth shade in) and Blackheart (the last purple black shade) are absolutely stunning.

The shimmer shades show so well on camera as well, which is truly rare.  The matte shades are the perfect compliment to the shimmer and all the colors work so well together.

The W7 palette, In the Nude, is up second.  Very similar package to the Naked 3 but definitely not the same quality.

The colors are actually very similar to the Naked 3, more so than I expected.  The shimmer is still pigmented enough to show on camera which I was not expecting at all.

Hmm, so much better than I was expecting.  What's even better about this palette is the price.  I scored this one on Amazon.ca for about $10.  A HUGE difference compared to the Naked 3 palette.

And finally, the Makeup Revolution palette in Romantic Smoked.  Okay, so totally different shades, completely.  There is seriously no similarity at all.

Despite the lack of similar shades, I am completely smitten with the burgundy color.  I sure hope it looks as nice, swatched.  I only paid $9.50 CAD for this palette so definitely a steal though.

I decided to pick my favorite shade from each palette (the most similar of the bunch) and swatch them for you.  I chose Blackheart from the Naked 3 palette, the dark end shade from the W7 palette and the burgundy shade from the Makeup Revolution palette.

Here we are in low lighting.  From left to right, Naked 3, W7 and then Makeup Revolution.  The pigmentation from the Naked 3 shade is amazing.  SO buttery and easy to apply with barely any fall out.  The W7 shade is definitely not as pigmented, had quite a bit of fall out BUT the color comparison is very close.  The Makeup Revolution shade is not as burgundy as I had hoped it would be.

Here are the shades shown under a brighter light.

Conclusion:  The Naked 3 palette is worth every penny.  If you are wanting a great polished look with highly pigmented shades, you need it for sure.  The W7 palette is a very close second.  In fact, I was blown away by how close the colors were to the Naked 3 and how very similar the color was on my arm.  The Makeup Revolution palette, though completely different, is still a bargain for $9.50.  I will try a full eye look with it to see if the pigmentation is there at all.  (NOTE: I bought the wrong Naked 3 Makeup Revolution dupe, sigh.  I should have picked up the Iconic 3 Redemtion Palette and NOT the Romantic Smoked Palette.)

What are your thoughts on the palettes?


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  1. These are stunning palettes! I love the Naked 3, it's just gorgeous! The other two are beautiful as well, but I think the Naked 3 is the one for me :) xo


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