Dec 16, 2015

ELF Haul - Palettes Galore

I am the first person to admit that ELF products can sometimes be hit or miss.

Like every product line imaginable, not every single ELF item is worth the money nor the time.  Why, you ask, do I bother then???  Because when you find something good, you must continue ordering it AND you can do so without spending a lot of money.

A few weeks ago, I received an email telling me that the 50 Piece Makeup Artist Palette was back in stock (the black box in the top corner).  I hadn't tried it before BUT have read so many fantastic reviews on it that I knew I had to order it.  My recent haul included (from left to right) the ELF Must Have Eyeliners ($5), ELF Spotlight Ready 50 Piece Eyes and Face Palette ($15), ELF 50 Piece Makeup Artist Palette ($15), ELF Glitz & Sparkle Eyes ($5) and the 22 Piece On-The-Go Palette (FREE).

So this is the holiday palette and I am so happy to have my hands on it.  It's called the ELF Spotlight Ready 50 Piece Eye and Face Palette.  Check out these colors!

It's a double layer palettes filled with shimmer and matte shadows and blushes and bronzers.  The shadows, though, are just stunning. Plus the majority of them are shimmer which makes me a happy camper.

Next up is the ELF Must Have Eyeliners.  I am already a fan of their black liquid eyeliner so was excited to see a set that contained both the black liquid as well as the navy blue.  It also has a Brightening Eye Pencil.

This next palette is super similar to the Spotlight Ready in style only as the colors are vastly different.  This one seems to always be out of stock so I am tickled to have one to myself.

Again it's a double layer palette filled with matte and shimmer shadows and blushes and bronzers.  There are more matte in this palette but I am completely taken with the blushes and bronzers.  There is such a wide range of colors.

This next holiday set is the Glitz & Sparkle.  It has an eyelid primer and an eyeshadow duo in a silver sparkle and brown sparkle.

Last but not least, is one of my favorites.  Not only did I get this for free (well, actually, I got two for free so one of my friends is getting one for Christmas!!) but this is my first repurchased item.  I am in love with this palette and have one currently that is almost all used.  I love it because it's PERFECT for travel.  Everything is super convenient and the color selection isn't bad at all.  Now, this is not going to be super pigmented BUT if you are on holidays and wanting to wear a bit of color without bringing one of your best palettes, this is the item you NEED to have.

It's a 3 layer palette and fits in your purse  The first layer has 8 shadows, then a mascara and 5 lip glosses and lastly 3 blushes.  It's too cute.

For those interested in making an ELF purchase, I have a great promotion for you so check out the link below.

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  1. These all look amazing! Especially the glitter duo!

  2. Just placed an order recently and I can't wait for it!! xo


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