Sep 18, 2015

The Week of Vampy Oxblood - Day 5: The Look

My adorable new Kenneth Cole cross-body bag in Oxblood
I sometimes wonder if a "like" becomes an "obsession".  This week has been spent looking for fabulous lipsticks, glosses and of course, shadows and clothes all in this vampy oxblood color.  I literally can't stop!

It's best for us NOT to tell Allan how obsessed I've become.  Let's especially keep all the lip products I've bought a secret....okay?

However, my latest obsession with this trend?  Eye shadow.  What's funny is I don't even own a burgandy, jewel tone for my eyes but man, I can't wait to get my hands on some.  In the meantime, here are some fabulous pictures of people sporting this look.

Kristen Stewart's eyes look fantastic here 

I am so loving the blending on each of these looks.  Because this trend is literally making me more excited than anything, here are three palettes I am absolutely adding to my wish list for this year.

The first one is MAC Burgandy x 9.  Now, most of you know I'm not quite taken with MAC products however I can NOT pass this one up at all.  Look at the colors....sigh

I can't stand how gorgeous this palette is, seriously.  Look at that beautiful burgandy shimmery shadow?  I have never owned a Coastal Scents palette before I want this one so badly.

So there you have it, glossers, a week of Vampy Oxblood.  What are your favorite trends right now?  What colors were your favorite?


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  1. Awesome week, with a great roundup at the end! Loved it!! xo


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