Sep 17, 2015

The Week of Vampy Oxblood - Day 4: The Nail Polish

I have always been a fan of dark nails which is why I am loving this trend so much.  There is just something so great about dark nails.  I don't even think I can explain it, to be honest.  They make me feel glamorous and like I've actually taken the time to make myself look good.

One thing I like about nail polishes is that they are always the color in the bottle.  It makes it really easy to shop for them since you're never surprised when you get home.  I do prefer to have someone else paint my nails, of course, but alas what can you.

I selected 4 polishes that were similar in color: 3 Revlon polishes and 1 L'Oreal.

If I was looking for a red, this one is gorgeous.  It goes on smoothly and the color is seriously great.  I will say that it's actually slightly darker and richer in person but still too red for my vampy feel.

This polish is actually really beautiful.  I will say that it's much more purple black than red black but the coverage is great AND it dried so quickly.  I am really loving this shade.

Sorry for the middle finger though I guess it's fitting as I didn't like this color that much.  In the bottle it looked perfect; multi-faceted color with a hint of glitter.  But on, I did find the color much more brown than red.

This polish is a clear winner to me.  It's dark enough to look vampy but still has that undertone of oxblood which makes me happy.  I guess it's fitting that this color is called Haute Couture Red.

What are your thoughts on the polish?  What is your favorite color?



  1. Haha, I love your middle finger reference. My favourite dark red is by Essie. It's called Recessionista. Sometimes I layer a bit of a dark red glitter polish over it for some POW factor, but alone, it's quite nice.

  2. Beautiful choices! Love the Colorstay Gel Envy, even though the color isn't quite right. The L'Oreal one is perfect! xo


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