Mar 18, 2015

Where I've Been This Past Week - In Pictures

All I wanted to do this past week was sit down, relax and write some amazing blog posts.  Instead, I've been tired.

And working on our Little Man's room (with Allan, of course, who's been doing all the heavy lifting).

Check this out.

This beautiful work of art was made for little Benjamin by one of my best friends and his "Aunt".  Thank you Auntie Bronwen.

His new crib, pilled high with all the clothes I need to wash for him.

Our new-to-us glider chair.

A bookshelf with too few books and tons of elephants.

My dad's dresser, from when he was a little boy, repainted white.

Not everything is completely ready but we are getting there.  We still have 9 weeks to finish!!


  1. Oh it's looking so amazing! What a lucky little boy to be welcomed into such a great room, filled with plenty of love!! xo

  2. It's perfect!! I lurve it!!! Can't wait until he is out of your belly, and into his crib! xoxo

  3. This is perfection!!! I am so so excited to meet this lucky little guy!


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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