Mar 29, 2016

Pinterest Find of the Day: MAC Lipstick Dupes

 For some reason, I've never become the MAC lover the majority of my friends are.  I try to love their products but for some reason, they just fail to wow me.  (Of course, NOT ALL FAIL TO WOW ME but most do.)

Plus, the price of their products can definitely add up when shopping for many items at one time.

One item I do find very difficult to spend a lot of money on are lipsticks.  There are my few favorites, don't get me wrong (Bobbi Brown and Chanel, to mention a couple) but since I'm a lipstick junkie, I sometimes find it best to buy cheaper lipsticks.  Yes, the quality isn't always the best and they sometimes won't last as long as better quality brands but you have the option to try many more colors without breaking the bank.

Here's a fantastic Pinterest list of popular MAC lipstick colors and their dupes, which you can find in your neighborhood drugstore.

What's your favorite MAC lipstick?  What's your favorite drugstore brand?

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  1. Love this. I don't think I have a single MAC product, but there sure have some pretty stuff! xo


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