Oct 7, 2015

A Week of Swatches - Day 3: Sephora

As I'm sure you're noticed, I'm slightly obsessed with palettes.  I will begin by saying that almost all my palettes have been purchased with discount codes or during sales, as I am TRYING my very hardest to be a budget beauty enthusiast.  These next two are no exception.

I searched high and low in Canada to find these two but Sephora was sold out, everywhere.  Instead I found them in the states for about $12 a piece.  Really good deal if you ask me.  The IT Palettes came in either Nude or Smoky.

Smoky is by far my favorite and it also had the most types of eyeshadow.  The top left had corner is a highlighter (which I didn't swatch) and the top right had corner is an eyeliner.  The rest are shimmer eyeshadow goodness!  The palette also comes with a dual ended brush (eyeliner and shadow) and an eyeliner pencil.

I am all about the glittery eyes.  Loving the purple and blue shades!

The Nude palette is still gorgeous but much more muted than the Smoky palette.  The lower left hand corner is a primer and the one beside it AND top left are both highlighters.  The top right and lower right hand colors are both eyeliners.

The gold-copper shade that's first in the row of swatches is absolutely stunning.  All in all, a great set of shadows.

What's your favorite palette of these two?  Have you tried these before?



Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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