Jan 13, 2015

New Drugstore Beauty Products for 2015

Being a resident of Canada, new beauty products seem to be released much later than in the US.  This is typically why I scour the internet for all the "newness" we don't have here, make a long list and then go hunting across the border for all these great new buys we may or may not get.

My list this year is AMAZING.  Here's a few of the items I can't wait to get my hands on:

John Frieda Beach Blonde Sun Streaks Lightening Spray $8.99 from Target

I used to use Sun-In religiously.  As soon as the weather was warm, I would pull out my trusty bottle and lighten my hair to my heart's content.  Best part about this product, though, is the brand name as John Frieda's products are usually fairly good!

Rimmel London Show Off Lip Velvet $8.99 from Ulta

Rimmel has been a fall-back cheap line for me in the past and I am super stoked to try this out.  Supposedly, it will provide 8 hours of continuous color WITHOUT drying your lips.  Can't wait to put this to the test.

Flower Hollywood Secret Concealer Kit $12.98 from Target

Okay, I can honestly say I've never purchased a concealer kit in my life but this one has two nude colors, a green AND a brightening primer.  I mean, it doesn't get much better than that.

L'Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper $6.99 from Target

Bold brows, bold brows, ladies!  They are not going anywhere, anytime soon.  So, instead of fighting it, by the product and plump your brows like a crazy person.

Alba Botanica Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes $5.99 from Target

Love this line to start with and now they have a puffy eye product for under 6 dollars?  Amazing.  This cooling gel is said to remove the puffiness super quickly and works better than using cold spoons.  Much more discreet!!

Physician's Formula Super BB All-in-1 Cheek & Lip Beauty Balm $6.95 from Physcian's Formula

Looks like Eos lip balm BUT has color and can be used on your cheeks.  I say this is a win win product for sure.

E.L.F. Essential Lip Balm Tint $2 from Target

I love products I can put on with my fingers.  A tinted balm that only costs $2...I have a feeling this will become my favorite product this year.  Can't wait to see the other tints this comes in.

Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream $16.99 from Garnier

There just aren't enough inexpensive anti-aging products on the market these days.  I do enjoy Garnier and am digging this new product, especially as it's supposed to make your skin look like a million bucks overnight.

Tresemme Expert Selection Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray $7.39 from Drugstore.com

I have pretty much tried every Sea Salt Spray on the market since my favorite Charlotte Ronson spray was discontinued.  So, why would I not try this one.  Plus, it's super cheap.

I can not wait to get my hands on these products!!  What are your faves of 2015??



  1. Ohhhhhh... these look awesome, especially the Rimmel Lip product! Will keep my eyes out for these!! xo

  2. I love playing with my brows. I use brow gels of different varieties all the time, if I'm not tinting them at my esthetician's. I am going to be on the lookout for the plumper.


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