Jan 12, 2015

Dreaming of a NEW Vanity Table!

I posted quite some time ago about my current vanity table situation and how I was "attempting" to refurbish a vintage desk.

So, to give you an update....this was a fail.

I swear I tried to do this and then things seemed to come up.  Like Allan and I getting married, then going to Bali for a long honeymoon, then a 3 month trip and now a little baby BOY on the way.  (Yes, we're having a BOY!)

We've been so focused on purging useless items around the house and getting the nursery ready that my vanity table project has been thrown out completely.  So, I've decided to buy some items to make the perfect vanity spot.  Here's my vision...  

Gorgeous, isn't it?  I love that they are using an inexpensive table and chair from IKEA.  I will be getting this color chair instead though...

I do, though, feel like it might be a bit too small as is so I will also be adding a....

And then, above the table, I will be placing a mirror similar to this color.....

But, the area won't be complete without this amazing DIY jewelry organizer...

Photo Courtesy of http://www.therococoroamer.com/2014/07/diy-hanging-jewelry-organizer.html
And then this adorable little earring holder...

So many new and cool items to add to my bohemian bedroom.  Not to mention the new carpets and paint coming next week!!  FYI, check out the site I posted underneath the jewelry organizer because it's a simple DIY you can create yourself.

What are you currently storing your beauty products in??  What would be your DREAM vanity table?



  1. Oh I love this new plan! It's so clean! I love the pop of color from the chair too. My current vanity is a old wooden desk in my bedroom, that I painted white and has turquoise knobs on the drawers. I love it! Only problem is that I don't have a large mirror on it (just a table stand one) and the lighting isn't the best. I end up in the bathroom if it's something quick. xo

  2. Our taste is so alike. I have selected out similar items for my vanity. Loving the chair! that's a great idea. Looking forward to see the finished result.


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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