Apr 27, 2012

DIY Beauty Fridays: The Easiest Facial Scrub EVER!

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I realized after my post last week on at-home facials I haven't provided too many facial scrub recipes. Shame on me.  That's why today's post is about creating the perfect (and ridiculously easy) facial scrub with only two ingredients: Brown sugar and olive oil.

For those that aren't fans of facial scrubs, I highly recommend learning to love them OR at least tolerate them.  Scrubbing, or exfoliating, is one of the most important steps on the pathway to clear skin.  Not only does it reduce the appearance of fine lines and remove dead skin but it also prevents pimples.  (If your skin is free of dead skin and dirt, there is nothing to fall into the pores.  Thus no new pimples!)

If I'm treating myself to brand name scrubs, they would without a doubt be 7-Day Scrub from Clinique for my face and the Scrub of Your Life by Soap & Glory for my body.  Both scrubs are non-abrasive, exfoliate well and leave my skin silky smooth afterwards.  However, since budgeting is my top priority, why not create a scrub that does exactly what these two do but costs a fraction of the price???

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Brown Sugar Facial Scrub 

1 TBSP Brown sugar
1 TSP Extra virgin olive oil (coconut oil can be used instead of olive oil but I never have any around my house)

Add sugar to a little glass bowl and add the olive oil slowly.  Mix well.  Adjust either olive oil or sugar if you prefer your scrub to be more paste-like or gritty. (I like a more paste-like consistency.)  Apply to cleansed face.  Massage into skin using a circular motion.  Let sit for about 3 minutes.  Remove with warm water and moisturize skin immediately.

Why this works?  Olive oil is one of the best things to use on your skin if you need some extra moisture.  The sugar gives you the grittiness of a scrub but is not too coarse of a grain.  This means that you can massage it into your skin with little to no discomfort.

I can't wait to make this scrub again tonight while visiting with my family.  Who knows...maybe I can get my little sis and mom to try it out with me? (hint, hint...ha)

Happy weekend ladies!

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  1. Oh! What a nice easy scrub! Can't wait to try it out!! xo


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