Aug 26, 2015

The Perfect Fall Outfits: Polyvore

The temperature is starting to drop and the air is feeling slightly more crisp.  To me, and every other woman out there, this means fall is just around the corner.

Fall happens to be my favorite season and I think I can say that it's most women's favorite as well.  I say this because it's time for leggings, scarves, boots and sweaters, oh my.  There is nothing a gal loves more than to find the perfect pair of knee-high boots or that fabulous pair of leggings that make your bum look oh so great (Lululemon, anyone?).  Sigh, I love fall.

I was perusing Polyvore today and stumbled on so many gorgeous outfits that I couldn't wait to show them to you.  Are these not perfect for fall?

BF.Cable knit sweater.

Fall Tartan

~ Fall day ~ Love you Rainie ♥♥♥

Got that FALL Feeling

My Fall Love

fall photoshoot- 2015

I Love Fall

This last printed sweater in this set is just gorgeous!  What do you think glossers?  Would you wear these looks?


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