May 27, 2013

Our 80s Costumes

As I mentioned in my last post, Allan and I were on our way to an 80s themed costume party. Not only was I finally going to be ROCKING leg warmers and crimped hair yet again, but Allan got to rock neon socks and crazy accessories too!

Check out our looks of the evening...

 Can you guys see Allan's cool seatbelt belt?  Still amazed that he got everything from Value Village.

What would be your ideal 80s outfit?



  1. Love them!! AND Allan won!!!!! :)
    Awesome time! xo

  2. Omg you guys look amazing!!!!I love it : ) xoxo

  3. You look great together, perfect 80's couple. :D

  4. Way cute!! :)

    My ideal outfit would definitely involve a high-cut leotard, off-the-shoulder shirt, big belt, legwarmers, crimped hair, lots of big jewelry & makeup, and of course, chewing gum and blowing lots of bubbles!


Thanks for the love!...XO Christina

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